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Entroptix Ltd was initially setup in 2001 to provide a unique approach to optoelectronic and microelectronics packaging consultancy by providing the benefit of many years of experience working in Europe, North America, Japan and Singapore, plus the ability to provide design and market guidance together with the capability to design and  build prototypes and feasibility units when required.

Entroptix provides the experience, resources, and contacts to support all your optical packaging requirements and photonic related challenges. From basic design through prototyping to full automation and vendor selection including sub-contract support. 

Based in the UK with experience spanning virtually the entire evolution of fibre optics products from both R&D through to high volume manufacture many of your problems can be rapidly resolved by consulting with Entroptix.

In addition, with an extensive background in a wide range of photonic related technologies including sensors, CPV, RGB systems and PIC packaging, plus global Standards activities and multi-source agreements, further insight into products and markets can also be brought to bear in order to better understand the dynamics of these complex markets.

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